What you Need to Paintball


Thankfully, paintball does not require a huge up front investment like some other sports. For instance, take skiing. You will need to drop at least $200.00 on skis, $100.00 on boots, $150.00 on layers, and $500.00 on a ski pass. This is nearly $1000.00 just to get into the sport. The same holds true with mountain biking. The thing these 3 sports have in common is adrenaline. But as opposed to the other 2, the equipment necessary for paintball can be bought on a budget. Just check into various paintball sources for additional help.


Most of the essential protective gear mentioned here can be rented on site or can be bought at a local paintball shop.


By far the most important item you need is a good paintball mask. Why? Your vision is something to be treasured. If it does not fit your face well, seek to address it as soon as possible. You want something that is comfortable in-game and is the last thing on your mind. If it is too tight or too loose, you will be adjusting it mid-game, and that is when it gets dangerous. A stray paintball may catch you in the face before you put the mask back down.


Apart from being strict about a paintball mask, you can skimp on the rest of the protective gear. Simply using what you find around the house should be enough. Sweatshirts, jeans, gloves, and hiking boots are generally enough to protect you on the paintball field. I strongly advocate that you adjust for the weather and either thin or thicken your layers. Additionally, you may want to add more layers if you are afraid of the pain of being hit. Truthfully, it is not that painful, and once you are hit for the first time the nerves are gone.


There are also a few miscellaneous items you should aim to remember. Don’t forget to bring water and money to the field. Money will be used for any rentals you may need and the fee to use the land. Water will keep you hydrated and running for the day. Getting dehydrated too early is a sure way to ruin the fun.